Futuro Ring System Scaffold

Generation UK have partnered with Altrad Plettac to specify and manufacture the Futuro Ring System. The partnership combines to create Generation value for money with German engineering to deliver the best ring system on the market. The Altrad group have been manufacturing Futuro ring system for over 20 years. This hot dipped galvanised system meets with European Standards  EN12810 and EN12811-1. Audited by the NASC, Futuro meets or exceeds the criteria to satisfy the code of practice for proprietary System Scaffolds within the UK.

Futuro is the ideal choice for domestic/ commercial / industrial and civil applications. Due to the eight available connection points per optimised disc, the flexibility of this system with its in-built loading class capability and high point loading capacities makes Futuro capable of dealing with all aspects of the construction and infrastructure markets.

Utilising the galvanised steel perforated decks, along with drop forged claws and integrated deck retainers, the Futuro Ring System offers a range of up to eight bay lengths, enabling maximum accuracy on virtually any project. Along with a possible saving of up to 40% on erection time against traditional tube and fitting and significant reduction in the manual handling of quantities and weights, the tubular support system benefits from using various components for multiple tasks giving a further reduction in components required on site.

Please Note ~ Futuro Ring System (Tubular Support) is available for hire & sale within the UK. Futuro U-System (U Support) is available on a sale only basis. Please contact your nearest Generation Hire & Sale branch for further information and availability.

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Goods can be picked up from the nearest convenient location or delivered by our fleet. Prices are on application and tiered based on the distance and order volume between the branch the goods are transported from and the delivery site:

  • 1-10 Miles
  • 11-25 Miles
  • 26-40 Miles
  • 40 Miles+

Futuro Ring System Scaffold Faq's

How quick is Futuro to erect/ dismantle?

To demonstrate it’s key strengths we have decided to put Futuro to the test in the form of a timelapse video and all for your viewing pleasure!

Generation Futuro Video

This video gives you a glimpse at just how quick AltradFuturo is in all aspects of scaffolding from the logic behind basing out to the speed of erection and the ease of dismantle compared to Lok type system scaffold and the traditional Tube and Fitting, whilst also highlighting the benefits of AltradFuturo compared to other ring scaffolds on the market.

Does Generation offer training?

Yes we do! The CISRS course aims to provide the knowledge and skills to erect, alter and dismantle AltradFuturo&PlettacContur System Scaffold in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, minimum legal requirements and industry best practice.

For those wishing to use different brands of similar types of product, scaffolders holding a valid CISRS card with “Systems Products Training”endorsement for one type of Systems (eg: Cuplok) are NOT required to complete a second two-day SSPTS course for a similar brand (eg: Genlok). However, scaffolding operatives are still required to attend a full two-day CISRS SSPTS for different types of systems product (eg: Cuplok and Rosette/Ring) and the operative’s card should be endorsed accordingly.

For more information call Generation Training Services on 0800 587 5224.

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