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AirScaff System Scaffold

| Company News

Today, Altrad Generation launch new revolutionary Airscaff System Scaffolding. It is the most significant advance in scaffolding since Daniel Palmer-Jones launched “Rapid Scaffixers” and the advent of modern scaffold fittings. 

New materials technology, blends Graphene and Kevlar weave, to enable a super-strong inflatable scaffolding system.  Replacing steel tubes, with super-strong air tubes, AirScaff is recognisable to anybody who has pitched an inflatable tent.  Removing steel poles and tubing with ultra-strong air tubes.  Attaching an air pump to the industrial AirScaff valve allows one scaffolder to erect a safe working platform in minutes, far exceeding the speed of erection of any alternative system scaffold.  It is estimated to be 5x time faster than Generation’s Futuro system, itself estimated to be 3x times faster to erect than normal tube and fitting.

Generation’s new AirScaff system is the antidote to labour shortages and the high cost of steel.  Using readily available advanced materials, designed and manufactured in the UK it makes it 500% cheaper than comparable steel or aluminium system scaffold.  It provides a timely step forward in scaffolding. 

Inflatable to the size that you need, it can support all large construction projects.  The super-bouncy texture allows workers to access higher areas more quickly.  For scaffolders it is like walking on air, removing the need for expensive and perishable scaffold boards.  AirScaff significantly reduces load and strain on workers, providing better working conditions. 

When not inflated, AirScaff deflates into a compact box for easy storage, reducing the impact of not having scaffolding on site.  

Introductory offer* all AirScaff purchases on April 1st before 12 pm will come with a free Decathlon hand pump worth £19.99 to deflate erection times.

AirScaff provides all the answers and everything that a scaffolder needs in 2022

It won’t let you down. 

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