Uni-Roof Temporary Roofing System

Altrad Generation hire & sale offers the Uni-Roof temporary roofing system, this aluminium system is based around the use of the 0.45m, 0.78m and 1.33m alloy lattice beams. Standard bay sizes are available at 2.072mtr / 2.572mtr / 3.072mtr widths with other bay width options available upon request for specialised applications. With spans of up to 50m along with Mono pitch, Duo pitch 18-degree and 36-degree roofing types available the Uni-Roof system is the ideal choice and has proven itself with over 25 years of continual use in the industrial/commercial/historic and domestic markets.

Hand, crane and roll-out methods of erection are catered for with multiple options available to meet with most site requirements reducing the need to work at height as well as speeding up the build and dismantle times. This Keder based system utilises an alloy sheet tracking profile, this allows for the sheeting to be pulled through the tracking to enclose each bay. Standard sheet tracking meets the demands of most temporary roofs supplied and has up until now been the only option available without great expense.

With large scale roofing projects comes the problem of greater rainwater run-off, this water must be managed to avoid ingress and possible damage to what is being protected. Prestigious roofing projects can often demand greater protection from the elements, again rainwater run-off must be managed to maximise the benefits of the temporary roof cover.

Deep Flow sheet tracking is a heavy-duty aluminium profile with an integrated gutter system which allows for the installation of sheeting to temporary roofs or sidewall cladding elements.

  • Integrated jointing method – fewer parts on-site, eliminating manual assembly.

  • Efficient rainwater channelling using integrated sealed spigot.

  • Fully compatible with existing Uni-Roof / Ubix systems.

  • Strong aluminium profile enabling 2mtr – 2.4mtr bracing intervals.

  • Removable spigot to enable staggered bays if required.

  • Increased weatherproofing.

  • Reduced Mono pitch roof angle down to 9-degrees.

*Deep Flow tracking system is not a standard Uni-roof component and is available for hire & sale, please contact your local Altrad Generation branch for costings*