Generation Stair Tower – User Guide

Generation Stair Tower is the safest form of SITE access ensuring that all personnel are protected whilst ACCESSING to their intended work place. It is easily inspected and enhances speed and efficiency. Operatives do not wait for access at the start of work and at breaks where time is lost.

Move personnel faster, safely. Available For Hire & Sale from Generation, provides safe speedy access to the working level through a series of 800mm wide purpose built stairways. Fully galvanised, and 3 variable stair heights so landings can be set at 2m, 1.5m or 1m to provide maximum adaptability and move personnel swiftly and safely to their work place.

Handrails are automatically positioned at the correct height for safe and convenient use. Stair treads and landings are manufactured from expanded steel ensuring a safe slip resistant surface. The Stair tower can be built as a separate construction or integrated into other scaffolding or staging. The Stair Tower is constructed using a modular scaffolding system conforming to BS5973 (Code of practice for “Access and working scaffolds and special scaffold structures in steel”). In addition, it conforms to the requirements of BS.EN 12810 and BS.EN 12811.

Generation staff can quickly calculate each tower requirement using computer aided estimating package. Phone Free 0800 779 7112 to reach your local Branch.

Generation Stair Tower supplied by Generation UK Ltd has been audited by the NASC and has met the criteria to satisfy the NASC Code of Practice for the proprietary System Scaffold Systems used as a staircase.

Generation Stair Tower has been independently tested and has met or exceeded the criteria for Quality, Technical Specification and Compliance to EN 12810 and EN 12811 2004.

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