Youngman BoSS GRP Zone 1 Tower

GRP Zone 1 Tower is specifically designed to be used where the use of Aluminium Towers are not appropriate. Providing a safe, non conductive, clean and efficient full protection tower system.

Zone 1 Areas
Zone 1 areas are areas in which an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation. In these areas only Zone 1 rated materials are ACCEPTABLE and where the use of GRP is highly recommended.
The Zone 1 Tower is made up from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). It won’t spark, oxidise, conduct electricity or corrode, it combines strength, durability and ease of use.

Zone 1 Tower is non conductive, making it safe to use around electrical installation for repair, inspection and maintenance work It is particularly appropriate for use in electrical engineering applications and in the rail industry.

Static electricity represents a real hazard in many industrial applications. Zone 1 Tower will not ‘spark’ and is therefore safe to use in areas where dust, vapour or other combustible material is present.

GRP is a tough, non corrosive material that is resistant to electrolytic corrosion caused by salt water, deterioration caused by caustic chemicals and damage arising by contact with gasoline, oils, lacquers and most solvents commonly found on industrial sites.

Unlike aluminium, GRP does not oxidise and so keeps works surfaces clean and residue free. This is essential in food manufacture, food preparation areas and in applications that are ‘clean’ or hygiene sensitive.

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