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Actavo Launches Scheme to Support Skill Shortage in Housebuilding Industry

Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions (formerly known as Deborah Services Hire & Sales) – leading suppliers of non-mechanical construction equipment – has launched a new scheme that will send teams on-site to install access systems for housebuilders nationally. The scheme will save time, money and labour costs.

With the skills shortage so prominent across the construction industry, housebuilding has been blamed for holding back the number of houses being developed across the UK.(1)

The new Rhino Safety Deck, Hire and Installation Service offers housebuilders the facility to have Actavo Rhino Deck Load systems delivered and installed for them.

Previously, on-site workers received Rhino Deck training from the Actavo team in branch. The new scheme will provide a team of skilled tradesmen who will install at the point of need, thereby reducing man hours and completion times.

Rhino Load Deck is guaranteed to save time and money due to its fast assembly and ability to raise productivity by taking heavy loads of both tools and materials. It provides free-standing multi-level platforms, suitable for working at heights of up to three metres.

Easier to install, dismantle, move and store than traditional birdcage scaffold, two workmen can fit 50m2 of Rhino Deck in an hour, as its robust, precision components fit together securely without using hand tools.  House builders can expect installation times to be six to ten times faster than other traditional scaffolding solutions available on the market.(2)

Roger Hastie, CEO | Actavo Structural Division, said “There is no question that we are facing a skills shortage in the housing sector. We are even hearing of some customers turning down work because of this issue, which is alarming when the country is facing a housing shortage.

“This scheme has been designed to alleviate some of the labour pressures for housebuilding teams.  Our teams will install Rhino Deck when and wherever it is needed, saving customers both time and money, helping to improve productivity and efficiencies on-site.

Rhino Deck is one of the most stable systems on the market. Builders and bricklayers like how you can load up Rhino Deck - up to 600Kg/m2 - and it’s safe up to 3m as well as freestanding, so you don’t need a wall for lateral support.”

Actavo has developed a range of videos on the Rhino Load Deck system to help those using the system for the first time, Click here to find out more.

(2) Independent comparison test by Actavo – results available on request.

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