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Actavo Branch Managers Have Their Say

Regional branch managers have been having their say at Actavo | Hire & Sales Solutions, the leading supplier of specialised building equipment for hire and sale. The majority of Actavo’s branch managers are attributing their sales growth to the upturn in the housebuilding market.

Actavo asked its branch managers to report back on growth areas and what they felt the reasons for such growth were, given that it is the branch managers who best understand what it is customers want.

Actavo specialises in the hire and sale of non-mechanical construction equipment, with a major stock inventory covering scaffolding, light access, shoring, temporary roofing and fencing offered via its 32-branch national network and Actavo Direct, its online store.

Looking at where business growth is coming from, the Actavo branch managers pinpoint house building alongside a number of specialist sectors such as nursing and care homes and road repair.

Product areas that have seen significant growth include the Rhino Deck fall prevention system and scaffolding, with an increased demand for products that enable users to build safer working platforms. 

Branch managers reported that an investment in fleet, combined with a focus on customer support and service, has helped drive growth over the last year.

Highlighting the importance of equipment knowledge, more and more branches reported that customers are requesting technical guidance and advice on product choice. Due to this feedback, Actavo has launched a new service through its branch network to provide a professional onsite installation service for housebuilders.

Roger Hastie, CEO of Actavo | Hire & Sales division, says: “Talking to our branch managers, the two main factors they cite in contributing to our growth is product knowledge and technical expertise. Investment in our fleet has helped raise delivery standards.

“The response to our enhanced delivery capability is indicative to the importance our customers place on service. With a buoyant hire market in general, it is essential to keep our competitive edge.  Having the range of products that our customers need is just the baseline – what makes the difference is the support we offer all along the line, from help and advice on product choice, through to getting the order to the customer, where and when they want it.”

Roger continues: “Our branches are reporting that profits are doubling year on-year as a result of hire becoming so popular within the industry. This year looks very promising.  For our customers, hire of access and safety equipment makes sound commercial sense as it means they have the right equipment for the project without the capital investment in product and storage facilities.”

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