"Save Time, Effort and Money With Futuro!"

Matt Emeny - Birmingham

Scaffolding has evolved vastly over the years, from the early days of the trusty tube and fitting to the system scaffolding  Genstage and Genlok to now Altrad Futuro!

At Generation we still love tube and fitting but we cannot deny the advantages that Futuro has to offer in the ever-changing world of Scaffolding. 

It is used for both industrial and civil engineering; where adaptable heavy-duty scaffolding systems are especially important. The key to the success of Altrad Futuro lies within its tension optimised socket plates, which contains 8 specially formed openings capable of taking up to eight ledgers/diagonals. Meaning virtually any angle can be set between the ledgers/diagonals – up to the mandatory 90°.

The proof is in the figures!

To erect a 10m long and 4m high scaffold installation, with two 2.5m returns, two full boarded lifts and one ladder access point, two scaffolders complying with SG4:10 and using the scaffolders step method took:

  • 1 hour 05minutes 31seconds using Generation Futuro
  • 2hours 15minutes 26seconds using a Lok scaffold
  • 3hours 51minutes 45seconds using tube and fittings

Futuro is manufactured to the highest standards and is compliant with the requirements of the NASC CoP product audit. Speak to our experts about how this can work for you!

Don't believe us...? Take a look at this video.

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