Ranger Stair

The Ranger Stair is of all aluminium construction making it outstandingly light and easy to handle and transport. It is pre-assembled, all that is necessary is to unfold the stair unit, hang it from a scaffold tube and attach the guardrails, leading to minimum erection time on the site. The stair and guardrails are erected without spanner work. Designed with the tube and fittings scaffolder in mind, the Ranger Stair can be used to build a totally compliant stair tower using existing stocks of tube, fittings and board, keeping capital expenditure to a minimum. Ranger Stair can also be used equally well within system scaffolds and has wider applications outside scaffolding use.

There are five models in the Ranger Stair range, spanning from 0.6m to 3.5m lift heights. Each model is adjustable for lift height over a wide range, making Ranger Stair supremely versatile, especially within the tube and fitting scaffold structures. While system stairs can only accommodate fixed lift heights, Ranger Stair automatically takes care if variable or floor level lifts, without the need to construct awkward angled run-offs or step-ups. It has a 680mm clear width, making it very comfortable for the user. Integral double handrails (except Model 1) adapt automatically to the right height, whatever the angle of the stair. The handrail folds flat for transport and is simply unfolded for use. Reinforced vertical posts are inserted into special sockets and secured with hammer wedges.

Safety is assured when using Ranger Stair. Deep section stringers ensure great rigidity in use. Wide, perforated non-slip treads are provides which are very strong, each tread being able to support two average-sized persons (1.5kN). Integral locking devices are provided to secure the stair at the desired angle, while standard-fit scaffold hooks have neat gravity locks. Ranger Stair is fully compliant with Class B of BS EN 12811 in all permissible configurations (angle 38 ° to 52 °).

Ranger Stair is very versatile and can be used for access on pitched roofs, inclined slopes or cuttings. Interchangeable end fittings for scaffold tubes, system transoms, concrete slabs, timber joists and formwork decking are all available. Supplied as a pre-assembled flight with or without guardrails and as standard with a pair of scaffold hooks. Interchangeable hooks or hanger brackets are available for different applications.