Roof Edge Protection

Generation's Safeguard Roof Edge Protection is a totally versatile, safe and easy to assemble temporary roof guardrail system that saves both time and money. It is designed to create a temporary barrier at the roof edge without damage to the roof surface. Using a cantilever weight system the system provides full double handrail protection for all operatives working on, re-felting and inspecting flat roofs.

Each frame has a unique feature enabling intermediate feet to be raised for clear access to felt without compromising the integrity of the protective handrail. Continuous protection is achieved using conventional 4mm Scaffold tube and connected using scaffold fitting sleeves. All locking components use a 7/16th scaffolding spanner.

In addition, the system can be used as edge protection wherever a safety barrier is required. Lift shaft holes, slab edge, voids and temporary works on roofs where hand railing is required for safety and containment of personnel.

The system has been independently tested and conforms to the latest BS EN 13374:2004 Temporary Edge Protection Systems to Class A requirements for pitches up to 10°. Additionally, the system has been tested and fulfilled the dynamic load test to Class B BS EN 13374:2004.