Monarflex Scaffband Flamesafe

Monarflex Scaffband Flamesafe is made from a three ply composition with the two outer layers being made from a weather resistant LDPE with flame retarder additives that encapsulates a strong multifilament polyester (PET) grid which forms the weather protection.

On top of the sheet there are fixing bands of super high strength weave with a double coating over the bands to provide high durability. The bands are in pre-set patterns and with pre-made holes per 100mm making it fit virtually any type of scaffold.

Conforms to British Standards like BS7955:1999 and BS 8410:2007


Dimensions Tensile Strength Flame Retardant
2.0m 45.0m >630N/ 50mm LPS1215 Cert No. 572D
3.0m x 45.0m >630N/ 50mm LPS1215 Cert No. 572D


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