Mini Trench Box

Located between the lightweight Backhoe Boxes and the larger Magnum Boxes, the Mini Trench Box is in a class of its of its own against the competition. Being lighter than all of its competitors however doesn’t mean a compromise on strength. The Mini Trench Box is an ideal choice on site for a lightweight solution as it is more robust than the ultra lightweight Backhoe Boxes.

Used to support sides of excavations, generally used for the laying of utility pipes. Effective down to 4.00m, provided ground pressure does not exceed the Permissible SWL of 25 KN / m2 of this box. ALWAYS enquire about design service if unsure. Manhole Braces are the alternative if it exceeds the SWL and Manhole Braces or Alloy Walers if cross services are an issue on-site.


Goods can be picked up from the nearest convenient location or delivered by our fleet. Prices are on application and tiered based on the distance and order volume between the branch the goods are transported from and the delivery site:

  • 1-10 Miles
  • 11-25 Miles
  • 26-40 Miles
  • 40 Miles+