MAST 250 Aluminium Span Tower

The MAST 250 Tower System offers simplicity and safety combined with an increased strength and versatility that ensures regular use across various industry applications.

Fully compliant with HD1004 and ISO9002 accreditation the MAST 250 Tower System is available in both Span (1.45m wide) and Narrow Width (0.85m wide) options. With each option available in three platform lengths (1.5m, 2.5m and 3.2m) there is a tower available for every application.

The MAST 250 has been specifically designed to create handrails at the correct levels in difficult access areas. Selected MAST 250 frames are available in 250mm increments to meet all height requirements particularly in restricted and under soffit applications. 250mm rung flexibility ensures maximum handrail safety to the working platform


  • Guaranteed guardrail positioning at any chosen platform level.
  • Safe access to the working platform – every time!
  • Connecting frame to frame is safer and quicker with the conical head spigot.
  • Non-slip deck provides a safe, highly durable work area.
  • All frame rungs have a non-slip serrated finish.


  • Easy to erect and dismantle.
  • Fully climbable frames, no need for clip-on ladders or ladder frames.
  • All components locate quickly without unnecessary clips and pins.


  • Various add-on components available allowing the MAST 250 to be adapted to suit more specialised needs.
  • Greater choice in platform heights providing pin point access to the work area.

Goods can be picked up from the nearest convenient location or delivered by our fleet. Prices are on application and tiered based on the distance and order volume between the branch the goods are transported from and the delivery site:

  • 1-10 Miles
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