Futuro Loading Bay

A loading bay is a reinforced scaffolding structure for the loading and storage of materials and equipment whose weight would exceed the safe working load of the access scaffold to which it is connected (TG20).

Loading towers must always be designed by a competent scaffolding engineer and erected in accordance with the design and client requirements.

Generation offer a number of loading tower solutions depending upon site requirements and designer specifications.

Futuro Tower Loading Options ~





Futuro Tower Dimension Options ~

2.57mtr x 2.07mtr

2.57mtr x 2.57mtr

3.07mtr x 2.07mtr

3.07mtr x 2.45mtr

4.14mtr x 2.07mtr

4.14mtr x 4.14mtr

Please Note ~ The loading tower options above are standard weights and dimensions for more information regarding loading tower options please contact your local Generation branch.

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