Wind Resistance Calculator

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Product Wind Resistance Calculator
Another key feature of the portal is the Product Wind Resistance Calculator which allows us to check what wind speeds different panels and stabilisation systems can resist before they reach their ‘Limit of Stability’ and become unstable. When using the Product Wind Resistance Calculator it is important that you provide Altrad Generation with site-specific information using the Site Survey form. Once the site-specific wind speed has been obtained the Product Wind Resistance Calculator can be used to configure a panel and stabilisation system to match those conditions. The Product Wind Resistance Calculator has been designed so that the wind resistance of the products can be found at any position along the installation of the panels, whether it is at the end of a line of panels or in the centre of the installation.

Note: It is essential that you utilise the Product Wind Resistance Calculator when ordering either Fencing or Hoarding from Altrad Generation. Please contact your nearest branch for further guidance.

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