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Scaffolding Tor of Duty

| Case Studies

Generation Hire and Sale, prides itself on its ability to deliver large loads of scaffold equipment anywhere in the UK.  With a fleet of over sixty vehicles we can always deliver where and when scaffolding is required.  But sometimes we are asked to operate where roads and lorries cannot go.

When our Bristol branch got the call to be involved in the renovation of Glastonbury Tor we knew there were going to be some logistical issues!  On top of a steep hill, with no paths or roads to the summit, it would have taken a team three weeks to carry the scaffolding by hand.

We worked through different scenarios to see how we could avoid a lot of work and additional cost. Our customer’s idea was to use a helicopter, something that we had never done before.  The team reviewed what was involved and agreed an air lift could work. 

Suddenly the logistical challenges around loading and delivery were magnified.  Every load had to be within weight restrictions and equally distributed to avoid danger to the helicopter. The cost of the helicopter also made it crucial that the operation between scaffold supplier and sub-contractor was conducted with military precision.  

A base field was secured as a landing pad and holding area for the equipment.  The hired scaffold supplies were off loaded and strategically placed around the field.  All items were soundly secured together to ensure nothing could fall or be dropped in flight.

At the appointed time the helicopter arrived and delivered the entire load in under an hour, saving three weeks of time labouring up the Tor.  The success of this Scaffold Tor of Duty has always made us wonder whether we should invest in a Chinook for the projects that nobody else can handle. 

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