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Generations Futuro Demo Day Success Strikes again

| Case Studies

July saw the turn of the Generation Hire and Sale Leeds branch to show scaffolders how Futuro can transform their business and profits with an interactive demo day. Over 20 scaffold companies (including design houses) attended the day run at the dedicated training centre in Wakefield, participating in a presentation detailing the components, manufacturing details, bay sizes and advantages of the system, as well as a demonstration of the famous Futuro in action! 

On the day, attendees saw 4 Futuro structures being erected to demonstrate why the innovative Futuro System Scaffold is one of the best ring systems on the market.

The structures consisted of:

An independent structure with a standard return and an offset return

A birdcage structure

A loading tower

A structure was also assembled to show the 1.33m Dessa Asterix beam with castors to show the rolling roof capability of the Uni-Roof and the strength of the unique 1.33m Beam.

Andy Taylor, branch manager for Leeds commented: 
“The feedback we have had has been very encouraging. We were pleased that people stayed for a long time after we had officially finished, to discuss the products on show.”

“We have already had enquiries regarding both Futuro hire and Futuro training, all in all a very successful day!”

Combined with Generation’s design engineer team and commitment to value, Futuro provides scaffolders with quality at the best price. It can save time, effort and money on labour. Take a look at our Futuro Challenge to see how much you could be saving with Futuro; compared to Tubes, Fittings and Boards and Genlok.

The demo day brought about the opportunity to show customers just how quickly and accurately Generation can estimate jobs with the Futuro estimating software. If you want to find out more, Generation’s demo days are FREE to attend across the country.  Talk to your local branch, or check out our website for updates to see for yourself.

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