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Generation Hire & Sale Help Manchester University With Barrier Geometry

| Case Studies

Generation Stockport were approached by Manchester University to supply a barrier system for use at the back of their Kilburn building to ensure students and the public were kept safe from on-going maintenance.

Manchester University tasked Generation Hire & Sale to provide them with a barrier system whilst meeting very specific requirements. The barrier system needed to provide a small footprint and accommodate 90-degree angles suitable to fit into a restricted area. The system also needed to be free-standing, as it could not break into the ground due to high numbers of services in the area.

With Manchester Universities restrictions in mind Generation Stockport ruled out Standard Hoarding due to space and the stabilization of the Hoarding would require bracing and ballast blocks. They also ruled out water filled GB2 Barriers as they could not accommodate the 90 degree corners as requested; there would not be enough room to take a gradual bend as it would take 3 barrier lengths to achieve a 90 degree angle.

Due to the restrictions of the site, Generation Stockport decided the best solution was to offer the Water Filled Bison Barriers. The Bison Barriers complied with all the university requirements and also had the added benefit of having a flat surface hoarding top; this allowed the flexibility of adding student artwork or customers graphics to personalize the environment.

The Bison Barrier are water filled units mainly used for outlining traffic around sites; weighing 400kg when full. The unique design of the barrier means it can rotate a full 90 degrees enabling projects to be boxed off; providing added security for Manchester University students and the general public.

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