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Generation Leeds Support Ramsdale Valley Bridge

| Case Studies

Generation Leeds were approached by their client to provide a scaffolding solution on Ramsdale Valley Bridge, Scarborough, to enable inspection and refurbishment. Due to the bridge being mostly made of iron and the exposure to sea air, constant monitoring and periodical maintenance is needed to prevent excessive corrosion. Generation Hire and Sale are proud to be associated with this project and helping to take care of national heritage. 

The bridge spans the two sides of Ramsdale Valley forming a road link for the main traffic bridge in Scarborough. Due to the nature of the project, a quick and well-planned erection was required to ensure traffic was not disrupted. Special designs have been commissioned to ensure that a scaffold could be hung from the underside of the bridge to allow access to all parts for inspection.

Generation Leeds knew the best equipment for the job was Futuro System Scaffold, specialist 780mm Deep Beams and Tube and Fittings. The specialist 780mm deep beams were spaced to allow the installation of Futuro decks between one beam and another to form a working platform on the underside of the bridge. Where the decks finished, and a gap was left the use of Futuro ensured that workers were kept safe. To access the underside of the bridge from the ground a Generation Stair Tower was used to create safe access and egress from the working area; removing the need to use ladders.

The whole project was set to take around 12 weeks. Due to the speed of the system and the stock holding of Generations 18-branch network, the project ran on time; even though the the project was very large and the bridge was very old. Generation Leeds kept pace with the changing site conditions and ensured all the client’s needs were met promptly.

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