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Generation Leeds Provide UNI Roof for Cliff Hanger Challenge

| Case Studies

Generation Hire and Sale Leeds were challenged by their client to provide a specialist roof to accommodate an “open roof” auditorium for the very prestigious British Bouldering Climbing Championships, at the annual Cliffhanger climbing event at Devonshire Green, Sheffield; a much-loved outdoor festival. Our client knew this was no challenge for Generation Hire & Sale as it was clear that the only roofing system that would be suited for this unusual job would be the Generation UNI Roof.

The “open roof” auditorium required a staged area for the competitors to perform; whilst also providing a roof to shelter from any weather conditions on the day. The roofing had to be the exact size for the staging and incorporate flame retardant sheeting on the mono-pitch roof to ensure health and safety regulations were met. The nature of the project and the time constraints demanded a safe, quick and easy temporary roof system.

Generation Leeds used their expertise to plan out a unique UNI Roof to accommodate the needs of their client. The Generation UNI Roof always exceeds client’s expectations; with its cost-effectiveness, compatibility, versatility, safe and quick erection times. Our client was thrilled with the Generation UNI Roof and the benefits it has to offer that now they ensure they use the Generation UNI Roof every time for the annual Cliff Hanger Competition.

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