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Generation Hire & Sale Edinburgh Supply 500 Tonnes Genlok System Scaffold for Oil Rig Refurbishment

| Case Studies

Generation Hire & Sale Edinburgh were tasked by their client to provide a scaffolding and access solution to carry out structural refurbishment on a Semi-Submersible Drilling Oil Rig at Nigg Energy Park; a repair and fabrication yard used to refurbish offshore assets. Our client was awarded full quayside service supply during the refurbishment of this particular asset on behalf of the rig owners. 

The refurbishment included; painting of the rig, replacing accommodation blocks, and bringing the rig up to current legal operating standards before going back on contract. Generation Hire & Sale knew the best solution to complete this refurbishment was to use a combination of Genlok System Scaffold as well as conventional materials, Tube, Fittings and Boards; 500 tonnes of Genlok System Scaffold were supplied to ensure the project was a success.

Genlok System Scaffold was identified as being the most suitable system for the proposed refurbishment work schedule due to its versatile Modular System locking up to four components in one easy hammer blow with its 360-degree node point. At any given time, four of the rig legs were wrapped in Genlok System Scaffold with each leg measuring thirty-four metres from pontoon to deck. Each leg had eight working lifts of scaffold at all times. 

The underside of the helideck was also subject to significant scaffold works. On this occasion it was decided that Conventional Tube, Fittings and Boards would be needed to carry out the work; due to the scope of works, and the complexity of steel surrounding the helideck area. Generation were tasked to provide all materials to a very tight deadline. The materials needed to be delivered 15 days prior to the arrival of the Oil Rig so erection could take place for a speedy refurbishment on arrival of the Oil Rig.  

With a stock holding in excess of 4,000 tonnes of material readily available for hire and or sale across Generation Edinburgh, Glasgow and Salsburgh branches, we can quickly react to any individual site requirement.  Across Scotland Generation has a local delivery fleet of twelve HGV lorries giving us unrivalled flexibility and the ability to supply such demands at very short notice by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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