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Generation Cardiff save client time and money with Altrad Futuro System Scaffold

| Case Studies

Generation Cardiff were approached by their client to provide a time and labour efficient scaffolding solution for a large project on Oldway House in Swansea. The client was tasked with transforming the large unsightly office block into modern student accommodation.

The client previously used traditional Tube and Fitting scaffold, but knew there were more effective products on the market that would significantly improve the time, labour and safety of the project at hand. Generation Hire & Sale knew the best product for the job was the Altrad Futuro system scaffold. With its 8 connection points and high accuracy, the system brings with it faster and safer erection and dismantling times compared to tube and fitting which as a result decreases labour costs.

The time and labour-saving elements of Futuro was a significant draw for the client. The block of offices stood at 44m tall and needed 200 linear metres of scaffolding, with a total of 400 ton of Futuro being used to complete the project!

The first job was to replace the existing concrete cladding, the cladding needed to be lifted away from the face of the building, between the building and the scaffolding. The two-deck inside board brackets enabled scaffolders to create space between the building and the scaffolding within seconds, for the lifting of the concrete cladding.

Both the scaffold manager and scaffolders were extremely impressed with the time saving that Futuro offered. The site manager stated “…One bay measuring 3.07m x 2m took only 20 minutes to erect, compared to approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes when using tube and fitting.”

As well as meeting the clients scaffolding needs, Generation Hire & Sale also helped with providing training, support and drawings for the project through Generations own support network.

All feedback from the client has been extremely positive, with the client wanting to use Futuro again on future relevant projects. Once again Futuro has shown the scaffolding industry why the future of scaffolding is Futuro.

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