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Beaming Victoria!

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April 2013 saw a £44m refurbishment project take place to England’s second largest mainline station; Manchester Victoria. Being one of the busiest train stations in the country, the issue was to keep the platforms and public areas clear for the safe and smooth operation of the station whilst installing a new ethylene tetrafluorethylene (ETFE) roof.

Generation Hire & Sale were contacted by partners, Crossway Scaffolding who asked the Leeds Branch to assist in providing a solution for this prestigious project.

The solution was to use the Asterix 1.33m deep beams, which have greater span capacity than 450mm or 750mm beams. In addition, the amount of beam lines needed were reduced by moving the centres of the beams out to 2.57m. This also meant that the 2.57m Uni frames could be used as well as the 2.57m horizontal braces and 2.57m x 320mm decks to tie the beams together and eliminate the need for the use of a spanner and associated fittings.

The 2.57m decks sat on the top chord of the 1.3mm beams and had a prefixed timber slat on the top. This provided a base to fix proprietary roof cladding sheets and ply to the top of the decks so as to form a fully decked sealed working area above the station.

By implementing this solution, the project benefited from a reduction in 10,000 fittings being used, the roof was substantially lighter and also four times faster to erect than the original design.

“Generation were the only supplier able to offer this solution, and working alongside our partners at Dessa, we were able to produce a solution which kept the station running effectively and saved our client over £100,000. We partnered with Crossway to ensure that we always had the correct stock available and were able to offer additional support in terms of design and advice.” Andy Taylor, Leeds Branch Manager.

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