Raptor Brace

Altrad Generation’s Raptor Brace is used with trench sheets or sheet piles to create small to large cofferdams, for the construction of chambers, tank installations drive pits etc. Thanks to the Raptor Brace’s unique and innovative design, there is no loss of allowable bending moment at the joint between extensions and the hydraulic ram unit. This eliminates the logistical and potential safety issues associated with lower-performance joints or those with limited reverse bending moment capacity.


The pinned joints of the Raptor Brace allow a faster and easier installation compared with other pin and nut/bolt systems, eliminating the need for spanners or air ratchets.


Our in-house engineering teams will create full drawing requirements with easy-to-follow build sequences for our Raptor Brace system.


The Altrad Generation Raptor brace is a 300 series frame that uses an easy-to-connect Pin System and is available in complementary, various fixed-length component sections.

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